Bill Spencer
NH State Record Keeper

The New Hampshire records posted on this site are maintained in accordance with USATF Rules 128 and 165. In order for the race results to be considered for NH State records, there must be at least two and preferably three watches used to time the winner of the race. Times on those watches must be recorded in at least a tenth of a second. The actual winning time is the middle of the three or the slower of the two watches. The time must then be rounded up to the next full second. When an electronic timing machine is used as the primary timer, all times can be automatically adjusted by correcting the winning time. This requirement insures that all records use the same rounding criteria, and therefore when a record is broken by one second, it really is. In addition to the timing requirements, the race must be run on a currently certified course with a drop of less than one meter per kilometer. The one exception to the drop rule is the Demar Marathon, where times are used for State records.
The latest revision to the rules now allows Chip timing to be used for single age records as long as the mats are placed correctly at the start and finish and the Chip time is properly rounded.

In order to insure that these requirements are met, the Race Director must submit a copy of the results and a copy of the USATF Application for The Recognition Of Road Race Performances to the State Record Keeper for his review and permanent files. The Race Director should also send a set to The National Records Center, where the National Rankings are kept. This paper documentation is important, as there are occasions when older records are questioned and the source material is available if corrections are necessary.

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Virtually all of the races timed by Granite State Race Services, are submitted to both the State Record Keeper and to National by the Race Director and are used for record purposes. In the vast majority of the New Hampshire races that are timed by other timing services, this information is not submitted and times and rankings can not be used unless the necessary documentation is forwarded to the State Record Keeper.

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